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CIC Consulting

Climate Impact Capital advises firms involved in aspects of the Energy-Food-Water Nexus and who are seeking to better define their long-term sustainability road-maps, and are seeking to invest in innovative technology to manage risk and create business opportunities. We help large corporations, start-ups, NGOs, investors, and governments developing and implementing strategies in identifying, evaluating, and implementing new technology. We work to advance clean energy technology and environmental solutions that reduce climate change impacts, water intensity, and air pollution. Our team brings strong expertise and networks both Texas Regionally and nationally across the energy sector, and experiences in technologies, business operations, scale-ups, investing and policies in the Energy-Food-Water Nexus. We see significant double bottom line Energy, Water, and IoT opportunities across the energy and O&G industries because of our years of experience working in this space in the energy capital of the world.

CIC Climate Salons

Climate Impact Capital has launched a Climate Salon national initiative to spur, educate and empower impact investors that can grow resources locally, but interact and share lessons nationally on the why and how of making climate change investment decisions. The Climate Salon follows Chatham House Rules, allowing groups of investor peers to discuss climate issues in more detail with those who have both made the move to greater investment commitment, as well as those thinking about making the jump. We are in the process of planning 6 Salons for 2018.