Welcome to Climate Impact Capital

Climate Impact Capital (CIC) is a mission-driven advisory and venture capital firm that is focused on the mitigation of and adaptation to climate change through innovation in energy, food, and water technologies. CIC takes the following facts as self-evident:

  • Increased atmospheric GHGs are already impacting our climate, society, and the livability of the planet.
  • Further climate change impact will occur faster and with greater negative consequences than expected.
  • Energy is closely tied to water and food and innovating within the energy-food-water nexus is critical to long-term sustainability.
  • Systematic effort is needed to mitigate these impacts and to adapt to the future.

Climate Impact Capital invests in technology driven and disruptive venture-stage companies that have the potential to transform and significantly impact climate change issues. We identify market opportunities and talented teams, and then, partner closely to help them achieve long term successful company growth, financial returns, and positive impact.

CIC achieves this through multiple mechanisms:

1) Investment in early-stage technology companies that are disruptive and that can be impactful within the energy-food-water nexus.

2) Advisory services to our partners to evaluate risks and opportunities, to develop robust innovation and resilient business practices, and to develop successful portfolios specific to our partners’ businesses to solve current and future climate change challenges.

3) A hardtech incubator supporting early-stage companies with robust laboratory space and a live-work-play community to collectively serve as an energy innovation hub in the United States.