Impact Investing

Climate Impact Capital (CIC) invests in technology companies and supports our partners to target today’s relevant issues in energy and climate change. At our core, CIC creates resilience and prepares our partners, customers and portfolio companies for a world challenged by climate variability and resource scarcity.

CIC takes the following facts as evident, and the basis for identifying and growing companies that will create meaningful financial and social returns:

  • Increased greenhouse gases in the atmosphere are already adversely impacting our climate, society, and real assets.
  • Regional weather variance from climate change will intensify faster than expected and will “surprise” the market.
  • Systematic investment in GHG reduction and adaptation technology is needed to mitigate climate change impacts.
  • Chronic under-funding of early-stage “tough-tech” companies creates a market opportunity for investors with vision and patience.

Based on rigorous science and deep diligence, we seek to understand the impact of climate change and value mitigation and adaptation technology. Using a system level approach, we evaluate and identify risks and opportunities for our partners and our portfolio companies.

In investments, this is specifically to maximize alpha, based on analysis of complex and long-term (climate) issues with high variance potential. In strategy, we seek to help leadership teams identify business critical risks and find opportunities within a long-term climate change impacted system.

The CIC team targets solutions and pathways to both MITIGATE greenhouse gas (GHG) growth significantly in the next 20 years and allow humanity to ADAPT to the long-term impacts of climate change.