1. Type: Direct, Lead, and pooled
  2. Geography: United States, Canada
  3. Investment Stage: Series Seed to A at investment
  4. Technology Readiness Level: 5-9

Industry Domains:

  • Agriculture: Symbrosia, UbiQD, Clean Crop Technologies, Hazel Technologies
  • Grid Solutions: 60 Hertz Energy, OpConnect, Harvest Thermal
  • Industrial Chemicals: Syzygy Plasmonics, Nvirovate Materials

CIC For Profit -> Direct, Lead and Pooled Investments:

60 Hertz Energy– A Women-Owned Small Business launched in 2017 by Piper Foster has deployed solutions on-grid, off-grid and within remote locations in Alaska and Africa with 2022 deployments spanning the lower 48 States of the US. 60Hertz facilitates maintenance and enables prosumers to improve the asset performance and overall lifespan of their existing power generation facilities and speeds their transition to microgrids with over $140M in manage assets with over 4,600 maintenance records filed per month through the platform. Their SaaS Enabled, Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) solution work for everyone from your onsite agent to roving technicians to operations managers and even project funders. Remote enabled AI and business layers include log tracking automation, advanced learning and maintenance of buildings, facilities and critical infrastructure through one app that works on any device and even offline.

OpConnect – An open-standards, cloud-based software platform that manages, monetizes and leverages EV charging stations so that they can provide the maximum benefit on the electric grid and low costs to EV drivers.  The platform manages a variety of chargers and is hardware agnostic, giving electric utilities a single source for their charging station management needs.  The platform includes  real-time maps, a reservation system, revenue management, and a service ticketing system.

Harvest Thermal – Heating and hot water for homes using a heat pump and the Harvest Pod to shift power use to the cleanest energy from the grid, giving homes the most efficient – and lowest emissions – heating and hot water. Customers reduce home energy bills and help utilities manage a cleaner grid. For homes moving off of natural gas this is the best integrated technology solution.

Syzygy Plasmonics – A deep-decarbonization platform to clean up the emissions-heavy chemical industry using renewable energy converted to LED light to power chemical reactions. The combination of reactor design and photocatalytic nanoparticles enable light-driven chemical reactions at unprecedented efficiency. Syzygy eliminates the need for combustion in the chemical reaction chain, enabling zero-emission hydrogen, green ammonia, and other commodity chemicals.

Nvirovate Materials – A soy oil alternative to petrochemicals for pressure sensitive adhesives that is cost effective and significantly reduces greenhouse gases. Products are compostable and offer an emission-free solution. Nvriovate meets mechanical and thermal performance specifications and supplies greenhouse gas reduction that enables a business to gain credit for their material choice.

Hazel Technologies – Solutions to extend the quality shelf life of fresh produce and reduce food waste. Hazel services over 160 of the world’s largest fresh produce packers, shippers, and retailers reducing costs from waste and improving bottom line revenues from higher food quality at delivery. Hazel’s technologies have been tested by top academic research programs including UC Davis, Cornell University, and Oregon State University. Hazel has been used with over 6.3 billion pounds of fresh produce, preventing more than 500 million pounds from going to waste.

Evergreen Philanthropic DAF Investments

Symbrosia – Develops and cultivates fast-growing seaweed strains for high-value products. Symbrosia developed a natural seaweed feed additive that drastically reduces livestock methane emissions by 80% and called “the seaweed that could save the planet” by The Verge, Forbes, and Inc Magazine.  Symbrosia is scaling production rapidly and partnering with researchers, ranchers, distributors, and brands to build supply chains that reward producers for producing low-methane animal products.

UbiQD – An advanced materials company powering product innovations in agriculture, clean energy, and security.  UbiQD quantum dots enable industry leaders to harness the power of light. Their first product, UbiGro®, creates a more optimal greenhouse spectrum for crops.

Clean Crop Technologies – Developing cold plasma technology which can degrade the pathogens, toxins, and pests responsible for food waste using cold plasma chemistry to ionize a food-safe gas, creating short-lived and highly reactive molecules. These species quickly destroy pathogens without harming food quality, then revert, leaving no residue or harmful byproducts. This happens inside a machine that is energy-efficient, robust, scalable, and sized to fit into a production line.