Climate Impact Capital Energy Holdings, LLC (CIC Energy) develops, manages and enabled virtual power and grid resilient services for homeowners, commercial buildings and industrial size systems.  We prioritize impact by deploying in disadvantaged communities burdened crippling energy prices, and historically forgotten when new equipment, curriculum and the latest tech is given to the rich kids.   We go beyond and support faith-based organizations, community centers, municipal, and local government to deploy renewable, distributed and resilient grids.   As an integrated service provider, we identify the most effective set of assets solutions for our clients considering cost and resiliency goals.

In addition to deploying solar PV with efficient storage scenarios, CIC Energy’s services and modern grid solutions consider EV infrastructure with respect to the future of hydrogen fuel cell as we move to medium and long term energy systems.   Learn more about our Community Power Accelerators HERE as we strive towards Justice 40 Initiative priorities.

As an early adopter in countries that began the transition ~ 30yrs ago, we understood the danger of US workforce realities, the fall of Career & Technology Education in schools.  This has allowed us to step into schools to establish much more than a competitive six figure job with plenty of growth towards the 30% target