Climate Impact Capital Energy Holdings develops and manages commercial, municipal, and government solar power and energy storage facilities.  As an integrated service provider, we identify the most effective set of assets solutions for our clients considering cost and resiliency goals.  In addition to deploying solar and storage, our services and solutions include electric vehicle charging, building energy management services, and grid services.

CIC EH is developing an integrated training and IT platform to provide Registered Apprentices for our government/corporate partners and enable our planned integrated solar, storage, EV, and microgrid projects.

We understand the capital and budget needs of our clients and can provide a full wrapper of capital equity and financing solutions to minimize or eliminate upfront costs. Through our long-term guarantees with our suppliers and combined maintenance solutions, we can also offer fixed pricing solutions, energy performance guarantees and immediate savings.

Our partners like Native Solar bring a long track record of successful Texas projects.  Further details should submit request to MARCOM AT