A two-tier fund model with mitigated risk profile and optimized value creation to enable access for institutional investors to early venture-stage companies with bundled growth opportunities in the near-term.

SPV Formation Process

CIC believes that climate change can be addressed, in part, through technological innovation. We use a systems approach to identify solutions that address current sustainability challenges while minimizing unforeseen consequences; CIC’s feedback loop model. Investment in cleantech, though, has been largely driven to only a few key areas, leaving gaps in prime areas for disruption. With a growing population and increased pressure on natural resources, we anticipate that technologies with energy-food-water implications will have the most significant impact on long-term sustainability, and our mission-oriented approach prioritizes investments to these sectors.

Strategic Beyond Financial Returns

CIC targets technology-driven, disruptive venture stage companies that have the potential to transform and to create a positive impact. Based on rigorous science, proven methods and deep diligence, we evaluate, fund, and scale technology to mitigate climate change impacts and adapt to the changing (regulatory and environmental) climate through investment in energy-food-water nexus technologies. We identify market opportunities and talented teams, and then partner closely to help them achieve long-term, sustainable corporate growth, financial returns, and positive impact. CIC will target companies with scale-up inefficiencies and create bundled deployment strategies where possible.

A true value proposition

We primarily work with institutional and philanthropic investors who are taking a long-term view on assets and also have significant concerns regarding the viability and real impact of their current investment structuring. We believe that deep collaboration with our partners yields both common shared understanding of opportunities and risk, and better investment and impact.

If you are an institutional or philanthropic investor or organization interested in these goals, please reach out so we may find an opportunity to work together to accelerate change.