The Climate Impact Capital investment and technology innovation platform is based on a long view investment and risk management philosophy.  CIC incorporates a system dynamics approach to develop deep industry and company-level technology pathways and product category domains.

We focus on the intersection of long-term trends and emerging disruptions that cause acute and chronic losses to companies, investors and society. Many of the resulting risks are not yet well understood – they are tied to underlying changes that will occur in our ecosystem due to climate change and the inevitable (though date uncertain) changes to our economy.


This process is particularly useful for long-view investors, whether the aim is corporate profitability, value defense, or capital growth. Reducing environmental impact and creating resiliency is a fundamental aspect of our diligence and process design. These aspects are quickly becoming the gold standard for investors and a clear value driver within corporations.

We use a combination of system dynamics thinking with financial options theory to develop industry and company level technology pathways and product category domains. These are the backbone upon which we evaluate technology, asset, social and regulatory risks.  To increase the likelihood of success both for an investor or a corporate partner, we further filter and understand the organizational, strategic and technology factors that define success.

Completing the process, we identify technology (e.g. start-up company) portfolios that create long-term financial and strategic returns, alongside their positive environmental impacts, to create new opportunities and growth.