The traditional electricity utility is under threat. Coal power plants are quickly becoming stranded assets while the value proposition for base-load natural gas power is diminishing. Renewable power has flipped the power and utility market, requiring changes not only to infrastructure, but also to business models and offered services. Consumers demand clean, efficient power with connected services across multiple verticals.

The electrical infrastructure in developed and developing countries is not equipped to handle this new model.  Therefore, major changes are required to modernize the grid.

Fortunately, innovation in the power sector is at full force. Technology that addresses these major challenges is being developed and refined. Climate Impact Capital aims to help utilities and hybrid power producers and distributors embrace these new trends in power with comprehensive roadmaps, highlighting risks, identifying opportunities, and deploying technology to address both.

The utility as we know it is critical to the economy, but without major changes, the utility may become obsolete. External players see this as an opportunity to take market share, but if utilities act swiftly and efficiently, they can ensure that they remain a part of the low carbon, connected future.

CIC focuses on key risk drivers from external factors such as climate change, with an innovation process to identify internal risks as power and utilities companies transition their business model, products and services.

Our primary outputs focus on developing Technology Pathways and Domain themes based on a proprietary risk and opportunity matrix, which then inform our development of technology investment opportunities.