This week: predictions for the future of home solar and batteries.

Big rooftop solar installers are competing with the largest utility-scale plants in terms of yearly deployed capacity. Batteries are making their way into more installations, opening up new advancements in software and power electronics. Tesla finally says it’s making progress on the solar roof. Meanwhile, extreme weather, wildfires and power shutoffs in California are providing a new entry point for consumers. 

What does it all amount to? In this episode, we have a conversation with Barry Cinnamon, the CEO of Cinnamon Solar.

Barry has been installing solar for nearly 20 years. He knows the on-the-ground trends and where they fit into the broader market picture. He regularly writes about the industry on Greentech Media. 

Shayle Kann and Stephen Lacey sit down with Barry to talk battery applications, home control, EV charging, Tesla’s solar roof and more.

Read along with us:

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