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CIC Outlook for 2021

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In 2020, we learned some big lessons in crises preparation and management: URGENCY – Climate change is as present in our lives as Covid-19 SOCIAL JUSTICE – Crises disproportionately affect marginalized groups INNOVATION – Entrepreneurial tenacity creates needed solutions TRANSPARENCY – Action and discourse work only if informed by data COLLABORATION – Policy and investment accelerate global implementation

New Year 2020 Predictions

Format: Newsletter

Combating and adapting to climate change is a lofty goal and though the global track record on positive impact is all over the map (literally), we see collaboration as the key to meaningful progress. Recognizing that pro-active organizations will survive and thrive, many of you are already on your journey and some of you will embark in this new decade. In either case, we hope to join you and to collaborate with you in 2020!